Social responsibility

Health, safety and environment

Employees’ life and health are Gazprom Neft key priority. In order to become one of the safest oil and gas companies in the world Gazprom Neft actively improves its risk management system, significantly invests in advanced technologies that improve the reliability of assets, and develops its safety culture.

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−21.3 %

LTIF reduction in 2019


accidents in 2019

−13.9 %

decrease in the number of incidents involving equipment in 2019


Regional Policy

As one of the largest Russian employers and taxpayers, Gazprom Neft contributes greatly to the development of regions across its geographies as an investor, supplier of quality petroleum products, buyer of import-substituting and high-tech products manufactured locally, initiator of and participant in environmental activities. In partnership with stakeholders, the Company implements a social investment programme called Home Towns.

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7.5 ₽ bn

of social investments in 2019


volunteer campaigns in 2019


regions covered by a programme to improve road quality


agreements on social and economic cooperation with consituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipal authorities in 2019