Share registrar and maintenance of the share register

The register of shareholders of PJSC Gazprom Neft is maintained by the Joint-Stock Company, Specialized Registrar – Holder of the Register of Shareholders of the Gas Industry (Russian acronym: JSC DRAGA).


  • opening of personal accounts;
  • entering changes to the personal account data of a registered person (shareholder) in respect of the shareholder's name, details of the person’s identity document, registered residence address, mailing address, method of dividend payment and bank details for the transfer of dividends and other information;
  • issue from the registry maintenance system of extracts, certificates, and notices of transactions by shareholders or their authorized representatives;
  • other operations envisaged by current laws of the Russian Federation.

Shareholders or their authorized representatives may visit the Central Office and branches of JSC DRAGA ( and submit documents there. The Registrar also works with shareholders by post, so that a shareholder can carry out operations in the register of shareholders by sending appropriately executed documents to the Registrar by post.

JSC DRAGA provides the following information from the share register at the request of a registered person or the person’s authorized representative on the basis of an Order for the provision of information from the share register:

an extract from the register containing information about the securities on the shareholder‘s personal account;

  • a certificate confirming the presence on the shareholder’s personal account of a specified number of securities;
  • a certificate confirming operations carried out on the shareholder’s personal account in the register during a specified period;
  • a report on the percentage of the issuer’s charter capital represented by the total number of securities owned by the shareholder and the percentage of all shares of the respective type represented by the total number of securities owned by the shareholder;
  • notice of transactions carried out on the personal account.

Paragraph 1 of Article 7 of the Federal Law № 115-FZ "On steps to counter the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism", dated 07.08.2001, recommends that a person who is registered in the register of Company shareholders should, in a timely manner and at least once a year, notify the Registrar of any change in the information recorded in the personal account of the registered person (change of name, passport details, address where registered and actual residence, bank details, etc.), and also of beneficial owners and beneficiaries (for individuals – full name, passport details, address where registered in accordance with the passport details;  for legal entities – name of the entity and its location as stated in the charter, state registration number, taxpayer number and name of the chief executive officer).

Shareholders should update their identification data by applying to the Registrar JSC DRAGA (Moscow, Novocheremushkinskaya street 71/32) or to branches of JSC DRAGA in the cities of Volgograd, Ivanovo, Kazan, Korolev, Samara, St. Petersburg or Saratov.

Updated data can also be submitted via the STAR transfer agent network in 25 Russian regions. Details of addresses and the opening times of transfer agents can be found on the website of JSC DRAGA,,  in the section "Service in regions" and by contacting the call centre on  +7 (499) 550-88-18.

When applying to the office of the registrar/transfer agent, shareholders or their representatives should present:


  • Their passport. If  other passports have been previously issued, details of all such passports should be listed on page 19 of the current passport. If this information is not provided on page 19 of the current passport, a separate certificate reporting all previously issued passports must be obtained from the Federal Migration Service (Interior Ministry). The original of this certificate is submitted to JSC DRAGA.
  • If there has been a change in the family name, first name or patronymic of the registered person, a document must be submitted, which certifies the change, or a copy of such a document certified by a public notary.
  • Full bank details. Applicants should apply to their bank to obtain their full bank details. Bank details should include: name of the bank; taxpayer number of the bank; BIC; correspondent account of the bank; settlement account; personal account number/credit card account number.


Applications by post to JSC DRAGA to make changes to personal account information should contain:

  • An application form completed by the registered person. The signature on the application form must be notarized (if it is sent by post or is submitted by an authorized representative). An application form for a registered person can be filled out and printed using the “Document completion” service (
  • If there has been a change in the family name, first name or patronymic of the registered person, a document must be submitted, which certifies the change, or a copy of such a document certified by a public notary.
  • If the identity document has been replaced, a certificate issued by the authority, which issued the replacement, should be submitted or a copy of the new identity document with an inscription regarding the previous document, and the accuracy of the inscription should be witnessed by an authorized official of the Registrar or should be notarized.
  • A questionnaire provided in order to meet the requirements in respect of the Law "On steps to counter the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and the financing of terrorism".The signature on the questionnaire does not require notarization, but must correspond to the signature on the form. If the answers to points 1- 4 of the questionnaire are negative, no supplements to the questionnaire are required. If the answer to any of the points is positive, a supplement to the questionnaire must be completed.

If documents are submitted by post or through an authorized representative a notarized copy should be provided of all pages of the identity document, which contain signatures.

  • A receipt of payment for the services of the Registrar in entering changes to information regarding a personal account, in accordance with the current tariffs of JSC DRAGA  ( If the application is made in person the services of the Registrar can be paid for at the payment counter of JSC DRAGA.

Timely entry of changes greatly simplifies the performance by the shareholder of operations in the shareholder register, participation in general meetings and the receipt of dividends. If a shareholder fails to provide information on change of the shareholder’s details, the Company and the Registrar shall not be liable for losses, which arise from the failure, including failure to receive dividends within due time limits and claims made by tax authorities (on the basis of paragraph 16 of Article 8.2 of the Federal Law "On the securities market", dated 22.04.1996).

On the initiative of PJSC Gazprom Neft the Registrar provides free-of-charge use of the shareholder account Internet service. The shareholder account Internet service is an application designed by JSC DRAGA, which enables registered persons who have accounts in the register to obtain information about their account, including the identification data held by the Registrar, the number of securities on their account, and dividends accrued and paid, as well as obtaining the latest information on events, corporate actions and activities of the Issuer.

Information on how to connect to the shareholder account service and the terms of its use are posted on the website of JSC DRAGA (


Head office in Moscow

Location and mailing address: Russian Federation, 117420, Moscow, 71/32 Novocheryomushkinskaya street,

Telephone number for shareholders: +7 (499) 550-88-18

Fax: +7 (495) 719-45-85


Hours: Monday to Thursday, 8.30-17.30; Friday, 8.30-16.15

Internet address:

Shareholder visiting hours: 9.00-13.00 (weekdays). Shareholders travelling to the Registrar’s head office from other regions may wish to reserve a convenient time to conduct their business at the Registrar by calling: +7 (499) 550-88-18.


Branch of JSC DRAGA in Volgograd

Volgograd Region, Volgograd, Klinskaya street 32a

Phone: +7 (8442) 99-05-35, 99-05-36

Branch of JSC DRAGA in Ivanovo

Ivanovo Region, Ivanovo, Sovetskaya street 22A, office 306

Phone: +7 (4932) 34-51-31

Branch of JSC DRAGA in Kazan

Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Narimanov street 66

Phone: +7 (8432) 92-54-79

Branch of JSC DRAGA in Korolev

Moscow Region, Korolev, Tsiolkovsky street 4A

Phone: +7 (495) 513-88-53 / 54

Branch of JSC DRAGA in Samara

Samara region, Samara, Academician Pavlov street 35

Phone: +7 (846) 276-63-11

Branch of JSC DRAGA in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Izmailovsky avenue 4, line A, office 3

Phone: +7 (812) 676-18-13

Branch of JSC DRAGA in Saratov

Saratov Region, Saratov, Shelkovichnaya street 11/15

Phone: +7 (8452) 39-22-70, 39-22-72

From 07.01.2016 actions to make changes to personal data of the shareholders of PJSC Gazprom Neft can be carried out at the offices of the following Transfer Agents of the Registrar:


Full company name: Closed Joint Stock Company, Professional Registration Centre

Location: Russian Federation, Moscow, Balaklava avenue, building 28C

Mailing address: 117452, Russian Federation, Moscow, Balaklava avenue, building 28C

Tel. +7 (495) 587-40-60; Fax: +7 (495) 318-15-81

Branches of CJSC PRTs:

Branch of CJSC PRTs in Ekaterinburg

Ekaterinburg, Dekabristov street 14
Tel.: +7 (343) 261-41-61

Branch of CJSC PRTs in Irkutsk

Irkutsk, Kievskaya street 7, office 201
Tel.: +7 (3952) 25-84-76

Deposit-Akhtuba branch of CJSC PRTs

Astrakhan, Sophia Perovskaya street 94/1a
Tel.: +7 (8512) 49-69-12

Branch of CJSC PRTs in Vladimir

Vladimir, Lenin avenue 2
Tel.: +7 (4922) 32-04-40

Kuban Registrar branch of CJSC PRTs

Krasnodar, Starokubanskaya street 114 / 1
Tel.: +7 (861) 234-64-64


  • JSC Reyestr

Full name: Joint Stock Company, Reyestr

Location: Russian Federation, Moscow, Bolshoi Balkansky lane 20, building 1

Mailing address: 129090, Moscow, Bolshoi Balkansky lane 20, building 1
Tel.: +7 (495) 617-01-01; Fax: +7 (495) 617-01-01

Branches of JSC Reyestr:

Reyestr-Bryansk branch

Bryansk, January 9th street 48
Tel.: +7 (4832) 68-19-31

Reyestr-Kaluga branch

Kaluga, Suvorov street 121, office 604
Tel.: +7 (4842) 54-94-92

Kostroma branch

Kostroma, Smolensk street 32, office 2.4
Tel.: +7 (4942) 63-07-40


Orel, Suren Shaumyan street 37
Tel.: +7 (4862) 43-07-68

Smolensk branch

Smolensk, Tenisheva street 22, Room 313
Tel.: +7 (4812) 68-36-50

Reyestr-Mari El branch

Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, Brugge embankment 3, office 418
Tel.: +7 (8362) 21-10-33

Penza branch

Penza, Volodarsky street 47
Tel.: +7 (8412) 56-28-16, +7 (8412) 56-28-95

Branch of JSC Reyestr in the Udmurt Republic

Udmurtia, Izhevsk, Pushkinskaya street 144, office 13
Tel.: +7 (3412) 68-01-75

Ulyanovsk branch

Ulyanovsk, Ryleeva street 4
Tel.: +7 (8422) 44-32-81

Dagestan branch of JSC Reyestr

Republic of Dagestan, Makhachkala, M. Yaragsky street 71
Tel.: +7 (8722) 56-90-68

  • JSC Novy Registrator

Full name: Joint Stock Company, Novy Registrator

Location: Russian Federation, Moscow, Buzheninov street 3

Mailing address: 129090, Moscow, Bolshoi Balkansky lane 20, building 1
Tel.: +7 (495) 980-11-00; Fax: +7 (495) 980-11-00

Branches of JSC Novy Registrator:

Bashkortostan branch

Ufa, Zaki Validi street 42, office 421
Tel.: +7 (347) 250-08-59

Cheboksary branch

Cheboksary, Kheveshskaya street 31A
Tel.: +7 (8352) 63-99-30

Far East branch

Vladivostok, Aleutskaya street 28, office 404
Tel.: +7 (4232) 43-32-18

Kemerovo branch

Kemerovo, Sovetsky avenue 2/14
Tel.: +7 (3842) 39-61-79

Nizhny Novgorod branch

Nizhny Novgorod, Varvarskaya street 6A
Tel.: +7 (831) 215-22-41

Omsk branch

Omsk, Tarskaya street 13a, office 712
Tel.: +7 (3812) 94-80-35

Ryazan branch

Ryazan, Svobody street 43
Tel.: +7 (4912) 44-37-05

Tula branch

Tula, Przewalski street 2
Tel.: +7 (4872) 45-60-56

Tyumen branch

Tyumen, Republic street 211a
Tel.: +7 (3452) 27-35-48

Novosibirsk branch

Novosibirsk, Komsomolsky avenue 13/1, office 404
Tel.: +7 (383) 335-73-39


Full name: Non-bank credit organization, Joint Stock Company, National Settlement Depository

Location: Moscow, Spartakovskaya street 12

Mailing address: 105066, Moscow, Spartakovskaya street 12

Tel.: + 7 (495) 234-48-27; Fax: + 7 (495) 956-09-38