Corporate governance

The underlying principles of corporate governance at Gazprom Neft PJSC address the goals of achieving growth of assets, enterprise value, financial stability and profitability of the Company and taking into account interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.




GENERAL SHAREHOLDERS MEETING AUDIT COMMISSION EXTERNAL AUDITOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS AUDIT COMMITTEE HUMAN RESOURCES AND COMPENSATION COMMITTEE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER MANAGEMENT BOARD The Board of Directors appoints the Director of the Internal Audit Department The Internal Audit Department reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer INTERNAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT The supreme governing entity and is responsible for making crucial decisions with regards to the Company’s development. Read more A regulatory body elected at the General Shareholders Meeting that monitors the company’s financial and business activities. The Audit Commission’s responsibilities include audit and analysis of the company’s financial position and the functioning of its internal control and risk management systems, as well as verifying the legal compliance of business transactions. Read more A regulatory body that performs an annual audit of the Company’s financial reports for compliance with Russian Accounting Standards (RSBU) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The audit committee is approved at the General Shareholders Meeting upon recommendation by the Board of Directors. Read more Exercises general and strategic management to increase the Company’s shareholder value. The Board of Directors manages the Company’s executive bodies and ensures that they are performing effectively. Read more The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in exercising control over the Company’s financial and business activities by asses -sing the efficiency of internal control systems, including mechanisms for controlling the preparation and submission of financial and other statements, assessing their completeness and reliability, and by monitoring the risk management system. Read more In accordance with the Regulations of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee, the Committee’s main task is to make a preliminary comprehensive examination of topics included within the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors and to prepare recommendations for the Board of Directors to adopt resolutions regarding the Company’s human resource policies and compensation for members of the Company’s management bodies and the Audit Committee. Read more The chief executive officer who acts as the Chairman of the Management Board. The collective executive body that manages the Company’s ongoing business. Read more



Being a public Company, whose shares are traded on the Russian and international stock markets Gazprom Neft PJSC fully complies with the requirements of such stock exchanges.