Name Unit 201320142015
Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents RUB mln 91,07753,167114,198
Short-term financial assets RUB mln 55,87078,84465,127
Trade and other receivables RUB mln 87,348103,01495,241
Inventories RUB mln 90,223102,658102,378
Current income tax prepayments RUB mln 7,67117,31513,903
Other current assets RUB mln 100,882115,927119,852
Assets classified as held for sale  RUB mln --15
Total Current Assets RUB mln 433,071470,925510,744
Property, plant and equipment RUB mln 895,5431,293,8001,587,653
Goodwill and other intangible assets RUB mln 55,38671,24075,090
Investments in associates RUB mln 120,358150,727169,611
Long-term trade and other receivables RUB mln 1062658,867
Long-term financial assets RUB mln 22,40637,63150,884
Deferred income tax asset RUB mln 18,50831,46022,099
Other non-current assets RUB mln 18,25541,67660,518
Total Non-Current Assets RUB mln 1,130,5621,626,7991,974,722
Total Assets RUB mln 1,563,6332,097,7242,485,466
Liabilites and Shareholders' Equity
Current Liabilites
Short-term debt and current portion of long-term debt RUB mln 52,41361,121147,319
Trade and other payables RUB mln 68,03583,817104,830
Other current liabilities RUB mln 26,65040,92132,870
Current income tax payable RUB mln 3,8725201,096
Other taxes payable RUB mln 46,78345,78849,011
Provisions for liabilities and charges RUB mln 10,15818,56413,938
Liabilities associated with assets classified as held for sale RUB mln ---
Total Current Liabilites RUB mln 207,911250,731349,064
Long-term debt RUB mln 261,455502,306670,779
Other non-current financial liabilities RUB mln 7,028105,944115,375
Deferred income tax liability RUB mln 59,72981,03268,752
Provisions for liabilities and charges RUB mln 25,88125,87631,065
Other non-current liabilities RUB mln 3,6082,0501,942
Total Non-current Liabilites RUB mln 357,701717,208887,913
Share capital RUB mln 989898
Treasury shares RUB mln (1,170)(1,170)(1.170)
Additional paid-in capital RUB mln 19,29350,07444,326
Retained earnings RUB mln 930,3041,005,6421,078,626
Other reserves RUB mln 4,08711,10435,189
Equity attributable to Gazprom Neft’s shareholders RUB mln 952,6121,065,7481,157,069
Non-controlling interest RUB mln 45,40964,03791,420
Total Equity RUB mln 998,0211,129,7851,248,489
Total Liabilites and Shareholders' Equity RUB mln 1,563,6332,097,7242,485,466

Last update: March 2016