• Novy Port: complete construction on a compressor station with a complex gas treatment unit, inject gas into the reservoir and make a decision on the monetisation of the gas; determine the technical feasibility of the option of monetising condensate and conducting marketing research; build and launch a gasturbine thermal power plant.
  • Prirazlomnoye: complete a programme to build four horizontal wells;  transition to the use of hydrocarbon-based solutions when drilling wells; implementation of a sootless APG flaring project; implementation of a pilot testing plan and field performance of spare parts, tools and accessories for the OIRFP as part of an import substitution programme.
  • Messoyakha: design and ordering of equipment for a compressor station with a gas treatment unit; drilling under abnormally high reservoir pressure; construction of wells using Fishbone technology with wellbore casing.
  • Kuyumba: start of oil delivery to the Transneft PJSC pipeline system;  obtain an export duty exemption; well testing under the ‘Early Oil’ programme; construction of a central gathering facility (CGF) and crude oil delivery and acceptance point (CODAP) with first phase capacity of 1.3 mn t.

  • Chonsky: confirmation of the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing based on well workover with hydraulic fracturing at two existing wells in terrigenous reservoirs; multi-stage hydraulic fracturing at the project's first horizontal well; drilling of a second horizontal well with two pilot holes; completion of field data analysis on the interpretation of seismic data at the Bolshaya Medveditsa site.
  • SeverEnergy and Northgas: completion of the design and start of construction and installation work on the oil component of the Yaro-Yakha OGCF; launch of the booster compressor station at the Samburgskoye OGCF.
  • Dolginskoye: 3D seismic survey;  search for a partner to jointly implement the project.
  • Badra: launch of a gas plant and export gas pipeline; adjustments to the final development plan and adoption of a decision on the drilling of additional wells.
  • Kurdistan: well workover of Shakal-1 (hydraulic fracturing of Lower Jaddala);  drilling of a well and preparatory work to expand the oil treatment unit at the Sarkala field.


  • Effective development of a depleted resource base
  • Continuing drilling at Priobskoye field


  • OMSK OIL REFINERY: continue implementing projects to increase oil refining depth;  continue implementing environmental projects, including finishing construction on an automated unit for on-spot petroleum product loading into rail tank cars and a hydrogen production unit as well as the reconstruction of a bitumen production unit.
  • MOSCOW OIL REFINERY: continue implementing projects to increase oil refining depth (AORC, DCU and Euro+); continue implementing infrastructure construction projects, including an automated rack for on-spot loading into railway vehicles and a rack for on-spot loading of light petroleum products in motor vehicles; completion of the Biosphera project as well as projects to rebuild a catalytic cracking unit and the primary oil refining unit of Crude and Vacuum Distillation Unit Complex-6.
  • NIS (SERBIA): continue implementing the project to build a DCU
  • SLAVNEFT-YANOS: commission the group three oil production unit; continue implementing an environment project to build a hydrogen sulphide utilisation unit as well as projects to improve operating efficiency, including a project to convert process furnaces to natural gas and replace the furnace of the primary oil refining unit of Atmospheric-Vacuum Distillation Unit-4; to select an oil residue refining technology and complete a feasibility study
  • MOZYR OIL REFINERY: continue implementing a project to build a heavy oil residue hydrocracking complex.